Monday, December 16, 2013

Quick and Easy Glittery Pinecones

Need to add a little sparkle to your decor? These glittery pine cones are so quick and easy you an knock this project out in no time at all!
I had these pine cones in my stash but if you don't have any, take the kiddos out on a nature hunt!
With a paintbrush, dab on Mod Podge wherever you want the glitter to stick. My favorite glitter is Martha Stewart's. *not a paid really is my favortie*

To add a little something extra I tipped the edges of the pine cones with Stickles.  I love Stickles. *again...I just love Stickles*
The Stickles takes a while to dry. Just sayin'.

Use them to fill a candle holder or glass container. Hang them on your tree or tie them onto gifts! That would be so cute!
Have a great week!
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