Friday, January 10, 2014

Lord, Help me be a Sweeter Mom

Lord, help me be the mom my kids deserve.  Help me...
be a sweeter mom.
not to nag my kids to get ready faster for school.
be prepared.
be on time.
be prepared on time.
Help me notice the little things that will be missed when they are older. The tiny pair of undies left on the floor. The blankets left on the couch after a snuggly morning. The many, MANY, little notes and pictures drawn and given to me out of love.
Lord, help me see every minute as a blessing.
Help me find a blessing in every moment that is less than perfect.
Not to yell or raise my voice. Help me bite my tongue and look to You first.

Help me to...
stay calm.
look into their sweet eyes when they are talking to me.
listen. Really listen.
speak only kindness.
Help me to truly be with my kids--not just there.

Lord, help me simply be still.


  1. Our families do deserve sweet, don't they. I so wish I had been a much sweeter mom when my kids were in the home. But, I realize it is never to late to ask the Father to make me sweeter to benefit all others with whom I come in contact.

    1. You know what? I'm sure they remember more sweet than sour!
      The thing for me is that I just need to remember to remember these things!

  2. Thanks for the little reminder to enjoy the little things, and focus on the important!


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