Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ikea and a U-Haul

Whew! It has been a crazy couple of weeks here and we've been having a blast!

Two weekends ago we took a little trip to Atlanta.  We are homeschooling next year (never thought I'd say that) and we went to pick up some furniture. Book shelves, a table...things like that. We also wanted to do some fun things for the kids while we were there.
We stayed at the Marriott in Alpharetta. We surprised Kayla by getting the American Girl package. Totally worth it! It was like a dream vacation for her! Pink comforters, pink towels, robes, milk and cookies sent up for her and her brother....and Kit, her doll. My favorite part was the amazing breakfast buffet.

I really think I could get used to this!

We hit the store and Kit got her ears pierced to match Kayla's. How fun is that?!

Lego Land was next on our list. Noah was so excited!  Rides, a miniature display, car-building/racing station, a short movie, and a play area. Just enough to do it all by the time you're ready to go.
Then....Ikea. I can't even tell you how excited I was to hit Ikea. It was my first time. We ate Swedish Meatballs just like my Grandma used to make. We dropped off our kids at the play area. We shopped.

We were both amazed at the system they have set up. It is beyond efficient! We ended up picking up a couch along with our other items and needed to rent a small U-Haul to bring it home. Still, it was more than worth it for the amazing prices.

Once we got home, we had the Ektorp couch put together in about 45 minutes.

Here's how the living room looks now. I love the new look!

And these throw pillows...my favorite! They have such a great modern take on the old Scandinavian design.

Two days later we had the first of 2 snow 'storms'. They call them storms here but there was no blizzard. Just a few inches. We had a blast for 3 days!

Now today I'm opening the windows to enjoy our 65 degree weather! What a difference!

Hope you have had the chance to make some memories this week!


  1. Sounds wonderful. Bet the kids had a blast. You won't be sorry you've chosen to homeschool. It was some of the best 21 years of my life as the homeschooling mom. :-)

    1. I didn't realize you homeschooled your kiddos! That's so great to hear from you! You have completed that journey and it's encouraging to hear that you loved it. Thanks!

  2. This looks like so much fun! I want to do the American Girl thing with Karlee - once she's old enough to appreciate it. I think I'll enjoy it just as much as her. Ha! And, what a score at Ikea! Love that new sofa... so excited for you on this new homeschooling journey. I know that you'll love it!

    1. Thanks! Karlee would LOVE IT! And so would you. Who doesn't feel great when they are staying at a nice hotel? I'm so excited about school but at times it's overwhelming. I just tell myself that we will take it one year at a time!


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