Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Where We've Been...

I have been pretty quiet around her for the past few weeks.  We are making some changes in our home and they have had me researching, reading, thinking, and praying praying praying. Everything is good, so don't worry about anything at all. I'll share more about this later.
So I have been soaking up my kiddos,
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Preparing for our first-ever trip to IKEA (eeeeeep!!!)
Playing with the kiddos more,
and making things for the shop. 
A great reminder. (available here)
And yesterday I took my first class in the Life Scripted class with Kal Barteski, offered by Studio Calico. So fun!.....and harder than it looks! I can't wait to log on and work on the second class!  This class is so perfect for me. In order for script painting to work, you have to let go of perfect. That's hard for me. Anyone else?
And chicks. We have been checking in daily on my brother and sister-in-law's new baby chicks. They set up a webcam for us to watch them! How fun is that?!
So, changes are being made and my days are full.  Expect organizing posts, school posts, easy recipes and fun ways to involve your kidlets. And God willing, I'll start my Project Life project!
Love you all!

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