Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kitchen Workspace

We are enjoying our spring break...even with the cold weather! Today I'm digging out of my pile of laundry and actually getting it folded and put away while the kids are playing gymnastics in the bedroom.
So fare we have...
Had easy mornings,
played the cup song...many times,
played secret spy,
and baked cookies. 
Yesterday I tried a new cookie recipe that will make it into our Christmas baking. Sandwich cookies. Someone made these when I was a kid but I can't remember if it was my grandma or a friend of hers. So yummy and flaky!

Last week I created a small workspace in the kitchen using my sweet Grandma's sewing machine. I love having a place for the computer that isn't on the counter!

To decorate the space I hung up a picture of the kids and drew a frame around it. The idea came from Ashley at The Vanilla Tulip.  I wanted the matting but it was heavy for the washi tape, so I just added a few Scotch tape loops to the back and stuck it on the chalkboard. 

Hope you're enjoying your week! 

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