Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Hoops on the Wall

We had some friends from church over for a crawfish boil (recipe coming this week) on Saturday. I love opening up our home to friends and family because that's who we are, but I also like it because it's motivation to get some of those little things done that I just let slip otherwise.

 On Saturday I hung up two new hoops that the kids stitched a while back when they were home sick from school.

Is there anything more special than capturing your child's writing or something similar? I love it. I framed some fabric scraps in small hoops and wrote each child's initial in pencil. I showed them what to do with the needle and thread and they traced their letter. They both thought it was a fun little project and Kayla even asked if we could do this for homeschool next year. I'll have to brush up on my skills! 

I also made a quick rug for the living room. The lighting has been horrible the past couple of days. When the sun decides to shine again, I'll photograph it and tell you how I did it. Way easy!  

Moo loves it.

Here's what our weather has been like....except yesterday was pretty chilly again. Come on spring!

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