Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Super Fast Wreath

Confession: I have not had a wreath on my door since Christmas. I make custom wreaths for people but I didn't have my own.

Quick fix:  The other day I was working on cleaning out the craft room that will soon be a classroom during the day and I decided to make a wreath out of what I could find.

For the base, I used a small foam wreath form that came with a kit from Target.  I bought it on clearance for SUPER cheap just so I could have the wreath form. (Why do foam wreaths cost as much as they do?) I had one roll of polka dot burlap ribbon and some chevron ribbon left from a project.  And the flowers. They were left over (read: never used) scrapbook kit from when I was still living in traditional scrapbook denial. (bought a lot of stuff, but never did it)

To assemble the wreath I wrapped the polka dot ribbon all the way around the wreath and used 2 pins to secure it. I tied the chevron bow just like a regular bow and worked it into place until I was happy with it. I used 2 pins to attach it to the top of the wreath.  The flowers were just laid out and pinned into place.

Not a drop of glue. How easy is that?!

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    1. Thanks! Don't you just love those super fast, slap it together projects?!


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