Thursday, March 6, 2014

We Got Happy Mail

In September, our friends moved away. We only hand known each other for about a year but our families just clicked. Our kids are about the same ages, we have the same love for our families and good old fashioned values, and coffee.  We all love coffee.  

Christina is such a sweet friend who is always looking for a way to make you feel special. She picked out journals for the kiddos and me (she sent my hubby a small journal more as a joke...he's not the journaling type).

But what made the journals so special was that she took the time to write a letter to each of us on the first page. She talked about fun times we had together and how she remembers us. The fact that she wrote about our good qualities means so much to me. I think that's something we need to make a point to do more often.

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  1. That is such a cool idea! So thoughtful! :)

  2. We recently moved away from our best buddies. My children are still sad and would love to have a journal from their friends. Thanks so much for sharing!


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