Thursday, August 28, 2014

I Heart Fall Chalkboard

The other day I picked 30 pumpkins from the garden. 30! There are some pie pumpkins but most of them were the small decor type pumpkins. So.....I got to decorating.  I soaked them in bleach water for a while, let them dry, then buffed them with a small amount of Vaseline to make them shiny. (of course, don't bleach any pumpkins you will cook with)

All the pumpkins made me want to keep on going so I broke out the chalkboard paint.  I had this small mirror that was a gift from my sweet mom and thought it would be great as a chalkboard!.
Read this post to find out how to turn a mirror (or window) into a chalkboard.

Here is my start for the mantle. Our TV is up in DC with my husband and I had to hide the hanging brackets. Enter stacks of books and a sign. I love it! I'm not done decorating yet but it's early. I'll get there!

The wall color is the same as the above picture. that wall just has poor lighting. 

Have you started your fall decorating? Are you dreaming of all things pumpkin?  

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  1. I'm drinking pumpkin flavored coffee right now! Thanks for sending me a little bit of Fall. ;)
    ~ Ashley


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