Sunday, August 24, 2014

Our First Week

Well, if you follow along on Instagram or Facebook, you might have an idea about how crazy the past few months have been. Here's one reason....

Our family of four will become a family of 5 in January!  We were surprised to find this out but very excited! With this baby I have been needing to rest more than with the others (I'll save you the details) and home is easiest place to do that. So......our time in DC ended with the exception of a trip to visit coming up. 

Then this happened.  The first day of homeschool. I can happily tell you that we all made it to Friday! Week one is in the books! Not every day was great, but most of them were. We are all excited about what this is turning into. And it is changing... I was a classroom teacher.  It really is different than teaching your kids in your home. Some things are the same (thank goodness) but some of it is different and I'm learning what that looks like for us.  The kids are doing great and I am having fun planning our lessons and field trips!

We also had our first Book Club! We aren't part of a co-op yet and wanted the kids to have the opportunity to work with other kids.  A friend of mine and I had decided to take turns of Friday afternoons having all the kids play together. Perfect situation for a book club! They are at my house every other Friday. When they come we will read a book together (something I pick to go with a theme or season) and do a few differentiated activities that go along with what we read. 

This time we read a book about Johnny Appleseed to kick off my kiddos' apple theme (I love teaching in themes). After we read the book the little guys did a coloring sheet and printed the name Johnny Appleseed. While they were working on that, the bigger girls (who are both named Michaela but spell it differently) worked with letter tiles to spell as many words as they could out of JOHNNY APPLESEED. They filled up the entire page! I know they could have found more if there would have been more time. 

Next it was time for an apple taste testing. I cut 5 different types of apples, labeled them, and set them out. The kids tasted them all and wrote down whether or not they liked them. Then they chose their favorite over all. 

The last activity for the afternoon was good ol' apple prints. I gave them a piece of scrapbook paper cut in half, half an apple that I had patted dry, and paints. They painted the inside part of the apple and used it as a stamp. The creations turned out pretty neat and all very different! 

We are only one week into our homeschool journey but I am seeing little signs that their bond is growing. There are still plenty of times when they aren't getting along, but I'm praying there are less and less. 


  1. Jessica I do so admire you parents taking on such a [sacrificial] commitment and it is indeed both a life stye of sacrifice and commitment.
    But then that must be true of parenting/marriage both...often ppl do not see or admit the sacrifice but it is there if the responsibility is taken seriously..

    And an old lady k[73] I am always so thrilled when I see a young family still adding to their little brood :) So many are making other choices re family today often not even wanting children..cannot even imagine a life that does not include children. Color me 'green' [envy]oh well a season for everything and that season is past...
    Even your home schooling venture gets me I read about your lesson plan for the day I found myself putting together additional ideas one might include...crazy? Yeah...I know

    1. Jonell- Thanks so much for your sweet comments! I know it will be a difficult journey at times, but we think we are making the best choices for our kiddos! I guess everything we do in marriage/family is a sacrifice. Some things are easy to sacrifice, others are harder.

      I love that you are excited about our plans! I know the feeling!

  2. Hooray for you to take on the responsibility of home-schooling. It's powerful. Speaking of power, how about revising your tag line/introduction to this: follower of Christ,wife. mama. crafter. cook. caffeine consumer. The order is on my mind because of the powerful reminder planted by Carl and Julie Stewart of Asbury Counseling Center. My husband and I attended their marriage seminar this weekend.

    1. Frances: Thank you so much for your suggestion! I love it! Of course I am a follower of Christ first! Although that was written in that order without even realizing what I was saying by putting Christ third, I think it's a glimpse into where my heart is sometimes. Don't you think that's a struggle sometimes? Keeping my priorities in order is sometimes difficult for me. I'm so glad you brought that up in the comments! Thanks for reading!


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