Wednesday, November 5, 2014

DIY Daily Sink Scrub

Something I do every day is scrub my sink. I have been making my own sink scrub for quite a while now and still love it.  In fact, I have posted this recipe before, but I think it's a good one to repeat! Plus now I have a cute and easy shaker to go with it! 

I love scrubbing my sink at night while I'm cleaning up the kitchen. Something about waking up and coming out to a clean kitchen makes a huge difference in starting my day. 

DIY Sink Scrub

1 part borax
1-2 parts baking soda

Fill your jar half to two-thirds full of baking soda. Add borax to fill the rest...almost full. Leave room to mix well. This isn't an exact science. The borax adds a bit more scrubbing power that I like. 

To make the shaker, take the lid from a mason jar and trace it on cute cardstock. Cut it out and punch four holes in it. Secure it on the jar with a band. There you go! Cute and easy!
 I found this great idea here

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  1. Good idea! No matter how tired I am in the evening, I always make sure that the kitchen is clean before going to bed. There is nothing worse than waking to a sinkful of dishes or a messy countertop.

    1. Me too! My husband could leave it...and often times tries to get me to. He doesn't understand that it makes me feel like I'm already behind as soon as I walk into the kitchen the next day.

  2. I use a similar recipe--it adds salt (about as much salt as borax) and I made some today with a little citrus oil, yum!! Scrubbing away! I have a mason jar with a spout from a bottle of almond milk--I just cut out a circle from the box that included the spout. It is a good scrubber, isn't it?? A shiny sink is a good thing---

    1. Citrus oil! Great idea, Betsy! What kind do you use and where do you find it?

  3. I have lemon essential oil; have used that; got it from Eden's Garden online. Current batch has some orange-vanilla fragrance oil (artificial) leftover from soapmaking. Friends are trying to get me into oils--I don't have a lot of uses yet, but Eden's Garden was recommended as a good, affordable, quality source. Cheaper than YoungLiving or doTerra direct sales, and as good or better.


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