Friday, May 15, 2015

Our Week

I woke up on Sunday to find love notes from the kids taped all over the house. My bathroom floor and mirror were covered. After church we relaxed and went out to's choice!
This bowl will be full very soon. 
Noah wanted to learn about dinosaurs, so we are working on a dino unit that I put together. He is so excited about it! It is so fun to see. This is his favorite dinosaur. Protoceratops.
Kayla was reading Frozen Fever this week and finished it up.  As a fun end-of-the-book activity, she wanted to design a play dough Elsa dress.  She wrapped her Aurora Barbie (we don't have Elsa) in plastic wrap and designed this dress. 

Noah's days are revolving around he made play dough dinosaurs. 

This guy has been falling into a more reliable schedule.  That means he has been hanging out with us as we do school.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Such a fun week! Noah and my nephew would be best friends... Luke is OBSESSED with dinosaurs, and he loves to learn about them. He's memorized their names/footprints/etc. So fun!

  2. What a lovely week. My oldest son loved dinosaurs so much when he was a lad.
    blessings, Dawn


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