Monday, June 8, 2015

5 Things I Do When I Feel Overwhelmed

As mamas we have so much on our plates. Our to-do lists are endless and it is so easy to feel overwhelmed and slip into survival mode. 

I can't possibly do all things well and with a great attitude. I know that I need God to do all that through me. 

Here are 5 things I do when I'm feeling overwhelmed. 

1. Clean the Kitchen
Do the dishes and wipe the counters down. I make sure I put away anything that doesn't belong as I go. 

2. Vacuum
For me, vacuuming makes a big difference. The floor gets picked up quickly and the vacuum lines make me feel like the room is so much cleaner. Vacuuming is a quick way to make a difference. 

3. Declutter a room
All I do is grab a grocery bag and quickly walk around getting rid of things we don't need. Most of what I pick up is just thrown away but if someone could use it, I just put it in the donation bag in my closet. 

4. Clear off your bedroom surfaces
Having my dresser and nightstand a cleared when I go to bed feels so good.  I don't want the last thing I see to be something not done. I sleep much better (or at least I think I do) when my room is uncluttered. 

5. Make a to-do list
I take a couple of minutes at night to write down what I need to do the next day. I try to be realistic. I know I'm not going to get to 5 projects.  I also wrote down something just for me. Something I like to do. 

Here is a bonus.... I don't sort the laundry. Well, at least not as carefully as usual. My goal is to just get it done.

My babies are blessings. I need to remind myself to enjoy them and see them as that even on the days I am in survival mode!   

Here's to a great week!

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  1. I so need to take lessons from you! My house is a crazy place right now.... We've started a new business, and things are in uproar.... and I only have ONE kid! I need to get it together! LOL!


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