Thursday, July 9, 2015

Taking Time to Let Your Soul Breathe

Usually I'm a night person. I love that chunk of time at night when the kids are all in bed, the house is picked up...and I have an almost guaranteed amount of time to work on something I want to work on. But this past week I've discovered something magical. 

My soul can breath in the morning.

I have always known that getting up before the rest of them is a good thing. I know that my day goes better when I do but I have been out of that habit since just before Joe was born. That time in the pregnancy when you are tired again and just not ready to greet the day but your kids demand it...

I woke up and opened the windows to listen to the rain and smell the fresh. Soak in the quiet. There is a peace in the early morning. I'm able to think because my mind hasn't started with my to do list or more so what didn't get crossed off.

I took the time to read. I felt close to God, like I was snuggled up on the couch with Him. It was peaceful. Quiet. Calm.  I didn't want the time to end, but slowly it did.  The house started to wake up. Life started to happen.

Why can't there be a little of that in our every day? How can we make this happen in the middle of all the things life and the day have in store? 

How can we give our souls time to breath when life can demand so much?

It takes being intentional. Sitting and watching the kids play. Noticing their joy. Their honest love. 
Sitting and quieting my mind during the day. No plans or lists. Relaxed so I can feel God's presence and see the things He wants to show me.

'You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you'
-Isaiah 26:3


  1. Aaaaaaaaah! Yes! I love, love, love the quiet of the morning. I desperately need that, but I haven't been doing it as I should. My days have so much more clarity when I devote a few moments in the morning to quiet time - just me and God. I'm going to try to get up each day this week... thank you for the reminder/encouragement!

  2. You girls are so's wonderful that you are reaching out for that 'face to face' time with Him. It's not easy to find and stay with that perfect schedule when you have so many responsibilities..There will always be distractions -Just keep trying. God will Bless your heart and your efforts.


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