Monday, September 28, 2015

Pottery Barn Knock Off

What? It's almost the end of September?! It feels like just yesterday it was August and we were starting the school year. Whew.  I've caught my breath and we're in our rhythm.  (Now that I say that...something will change) 

I have had the chance to paint some signs and work on a few projects that I'm excited to share!

This Pottery Barn knock off was so fun to paint and couldn't have been easier to do.  This isn't a detailed how-to... more like a 'this is how I did it' kind of post.

Did you know that Lowe's will make your cuts for you?  For free?  How awesome is that! I use this service all the time. Thank you Lowe's guys!

The hardest part of this sign is spacing. I knew I needed 4 lines for words, so after I painted the board navy, I used chalk (I'm very visual) and sketched out and roughly sketched the words out. Then I measured to figure out the height  of the letters and how much space I wanted in between the lines. Once I had what I needed, I wiped the board clean and measured it out again, marking with chalk in several places. Using a straight edge, I made guide lines to work with and wrote the words in chalk, erasing and fixing anything that didn't look quite right.

Once the sign is laid out, lightly erasing (but not completely) gets rid of some of the chalk dust. This makes painting over the chalk letters easier. After a few touch ups I added a coat of wax for protection. Add hanging hardware to the back and you're done!

Hope you are all enjoying the beginning of fall! We're ready for some cooler weather around these parts. Bring on cozy fires and hot chocolates!

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